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Bluvec - Blucase 5000

Blucase P5000 is the ultimate mobile and self-contained drone-detecting solution. It is a small portable-case containing advanced technologies that permit real-time tracking of drones and their pilots.

Detect/Alert/Geolocate/Track- both Drone and the Pilot

The Blucase P5000, Bluvec’s signature product powered by DSI-GEN2 and advanced AI- designed as portable solution for early-warning, drone detection, identification and location of the drone and the pilot. The monitoring data stream enables users to respond in an educated manner as quickly as feasible. 
  • Real-Time Detection
  • Data Analysis
  • Drone & Pilot Geo-localization
  • 360- passive detection
  • Waterproof- IP 67
  • Stand-Alone
  • Open to integration (Including Aeroscope API1)

The touch screen displays detailed telemetry data, including the drone model, serial number, speed, geolocation, altitude, and drone movements, as well as the pilot's position.

The mobile Blucase unit is suitable for event monitoring, public safety events, VIP security, and various other fields. Due to its compact size, mobility, and easy-operating settings, minimal training is required for adapting the solution.

Blucase provides centralized monitoring, command, and investigative capabilities, while combining data from previous flights (history reports).
It is scalable and can be integrated with other Bluvec products based on clients' individual needs, facilitating the integration of various systems.

How it works

  1. Detect & Alert
  2. Locate & Track Drone & Pilot
  3. Drone Fingerprint
  4. Evidence & Report


Highly suitable for flexible, mobile deployment.

The Bluvec system provides360 degree coverage, supportsdirection-finding, andaccurately locates drones andtheir pilots.

Modular or Standalone Deployment
Bluvec's equipment can bedeployed independently orintegrated into existing security systems. (Including Aeroscope API’)

360 Passive Detection
Bluvec's solutions can providereal-time 360 degree surveillance of any invading drones and their pilots,detecting passively without emitting signals or interfering with other systems.

DSI-GEN 2 powered
This groundbreaking C-UAS technology can extract highlyreliable and detailed informationfrom drone signals.With DSI-Gen2, drone and pilot geolocation can be achieved with a single BluSensor unit

Muti-Band Support
Support up to 45 Non-DJI and DJI drones

Technology - Deep Signal Inspection - Gen2

About DSI
Bluvec Technologies Inc. has pioneered an advanced signal detection technology called Deep Signal Inspection (DSI), which involves receiving and analyzing wireless signal protocols transmitted by various sources such as drones, cellphones, and IoT devices, to identify their sources.

In simpler terms, let's take the example of drone detection to explain the DSI technology.

The advantage of DSI is its ability to accurately detect and identify drones with minimal or no false alarms, thanks to the deep inspecting of wireless signal protocols. DSI can even distinguish between drones with the same brand and similar models, such as multiple DJI drones, due to its ability to recognize unique drone characteristics. The Bluvec Technologies R&D team continually updates the database to improve the detection and identification of drones, including self-made ones.

Bluvec has recently upgraded its DSI technology to DSI-2 by analyzing signal protocols to the application layer. This enhancement has allowed for more precise information to be extracted from the drone, such as its serial number, flying status, GPS location, and flying traces, as well as the real-time location of the remote controller. With only one sensor station, Blusensor can use this technology to identify and geo-localize the drone and its corresponding pilot with greater accuracy. Additionally, Bluvec DSI-2 supports various protocols including DJI, crossfire, mavlink, and more. Bluvec's R&D team is continuing to invest in expanding the protocol coverages of DSI-GEN2.


Drone Fingerprinting
Obtains drone fingerprints containing information including the brand, model, unique identification number, flight path, and intrusion time. If the drone returns for a second intrusion, it will be identified by Bluvec's DSI technology.

360° Passive Detection
Bluvec's solutions can provide real-time 360° surveillance of any invading drones and their pilots, detecting passively without emitting signals or interfering with other systems.

Bluvec's system provides 360° coverage, supports direction-finding, and accurately locates drones and their pilots.

Extended Coverage
DSI supports detection for extended distances. The detection range can reach up to 24 km.

Early Warning
DSI can detect the drone before it even takes off, thus preventing further damage in the protected area.

Product Specifications

Detection Range - Up to 6 km
Geolocalization for Drone - Up to 6 km (10 m RMS)
Simultaneous UAVs Detection - Up to 45 drones
Detection Frequency - Full Band
Display - 10.1 inches, Touch Screen, Resolution 1920*1080
Power Consumption - ≤ 35 w
Connectivity - LAN
Configuration/Operation/Alarms - Bluvec WebUI
Weight - ≤ 12 kg
Ingress Protection Rating - IP67
Operating Temperature: -20 °C to +40 °C
Software Updates - Local or Cloud
Power Supply - AC 110V to 240V
Product Dimensions - 470 mm x 357 mm x 176 mm
Data Storage - Local or Cloud
Battery Mode Duration - Up to 15 h
System Integration - GraphQL and RESTful API Interface
Operating Humidity - ≤ 85% RH (In case closed state)
Transport - 300 CPM, 48 min with package
Directivity - 360° Omnidirectional
Audio - Microphone and External Headphone
Hardware Interface - Power Port x1, RJ 45 x1, USB x1, 3.5mm Audio Interface

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