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Lemur S

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Lemur S is designed to save lives. It is an incredibly rugged and powerful drone that can enter structures that are too dangerous for first responders to enter. It provides communication and live-stream video, even through dense material. Lemur S keeps first responders safe by allowing them to communicate and gather situational awareness from a safe and remote location.



Use Cases


Law Enforcement

The Lemur S provides access to high-risk areas without risking life.  It’s a reliable, tactical tool that can help de-escalate, reduce risk, and save lives. It can stream live video and provide a two-way voice even through dense materials,  allowing the pilot to operate from a safe location and still communicate directly with people in the building. It has a modular design allowing the adaption and addition of tools such as its glass breaker. Lemur flies for 31 minutes and perches for 10 hours. The Lemur S is rugged and built to serve, ready for operations all day, every day.

Fire Rescue

Allow Lemur S to give you the facts and help you manage the risk. The Lemur S has a rugged design to allow flight in confined areas. It provides video and two-way voice communications with victims in partially collapsed structures, where access is difficult and/or dangerous for responders. In a multi-story building collapse, Lemur S can reach higher levels and access areas that may be beyond the reach of traditional means.

Key Features

Outstanding Flight Time

31 Minute Flight Time

LiDAR-Based Pilot Assistance 

Laser-guided localizations make the Lemus S easier to fly and enables a level of autonomy. 


 Brinc Drones Lemur S

10-Hour Perch Time

Lemur S can provide audio and video for up to 100-hours while its idle. 

 Brinc Drones Lemur S

Turtle Mode

Don’t let crashes stop you from completing your mission. With Lemur S, when it ends up on its back, the drone can flip itself over and relaunch. Laser-guided localizations make the Lemus S easier to fly and enables a level of autonomy. 

 Brinc Drones Lemur S

Glass Breaker

Lemur S can enter nearly any structure with its glass breaker feature. Lemur S can break through tempered, automotive, and most residential glass. 

Door Pusher

With LEMUR S, most interior doors are a minor inconvenience.

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