DroMight Talon for Matrice 210

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The Best Drop System Available For Your DJI Matrice 210

  • Super Quick Setup
  • Triggered by Your DJI Controller
  • One Button Loading
  • Secured to a Hardpoint
  • No Accidental Drops

The DroMight™ Talon is the ultimate drop system for the DJI Matrice 210. With quick disconnect thumb screws and remote activation, this is a must have product, there just isn't anything else out there like it.


Super Quick Setup

The Talon is the only drone drop system that uses quick disconnect thumb screws for instant installation and removal. No tools needed!


Triggered by Your DJI Controller

Drop your payload easily through the DJI Smart controller or Cendence controller without the need for a separate device. Never worry about being out of range.


One Button Loading

Attach your payload using the built-in button on the DroMight™ Talon. 


Secured to a Hardpoint

The Talon is the safest drop system because it is secured to a hardpoint on the aircraft.


No Accidental Drops

The payload triggering sequence is simple while also preventing any accidental payload drops.



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