RoboMaster S1 Gel Bead Container

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RoboMaster S1 Gel Bead Container

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The Gel Bead Container can hold approximately 430 gel beads.
The semi-transparent upper shell enables you to clearly view the gel beads inside.
There are two drain holes at the end of the Gel Bead Container to allow the outflow of water after gel beads have been loaded.
The load covering cap and sliding plate use a self-locking structure, improving gel bead loading efficiency.
After installing the gel bead container, the sliding plate will automatically unlock and release the gel beads into the Blaster.
Semi-transparent design.
Self-locking sliding plate makes gel bead loading fast and easy.
Two-step gel bead container release mechanism.
In The Box
Gel Bead Container × 1
Dimensions: 15.2 × 5.5 × 3 cm
Holds approximately 430 gel beads.
RoboMaster S1

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