DJI Terra Pro 1 Year - Upgrade & Maintenance Fee

DJISKU: CP.RJ.00000045.01

Package: 1 Device
Sale price$520.00 CAD
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Key Features

  • For DJI Terra Software
  • 1 Year of Additional Upgrades
  • Supports up to 3 Devices
  • Begins on First Binding Date to Device
Gain the ability to upgrade your DJI Terra software for an additional year on three devices with the Terra Upgrade & Maintenance Fee.This pro upgrade version provides you with a full year of Terra upgrades of the same license version, and it begins on the first binding date with your device. Any update for the same license version from the second year on will incur an additional yearly fee.
Please note the following rules and restrictions:


  • After this year of update coverage runs out, all additional years will require an additional yearly fee, and all years' fees must be paid. For example, if you choose to upgrade four years after this expires, then you must pay a yearly fee for that year and all subsequent years (years 2, 3, and 4).
  • You are entitled to download any software version released during any paid update period.
  • The first binding date of the Terra software to your device remains unchanged, even if you unbind and re-bind the license.
  • If you download software during the years requiring yearly payment and do not pay any yearly fee, any "paid version only" features will not function, but you may use any basic functions that are available.

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