Phantom 4 4-in-1 Charging Hub (Charges All Simultaneously)

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Phantom 4 4-in-1 Charging Hub

This charging hub enables you to charge three Phantom 4 batteries and one controller all at the SAME time!

Get 3 fully charged batteries and 1 controller in 80-90 minutes


  • Does this only charge one battery at a time before charging the next?
    • No, all batteries and controller are charged simultaneously
  • Is this compatible with the Phantom 3?
    • No, this only works with Phantom 4 batteries. For the Phantom 3 multi-charger, please click here
  • How fast is charging 1 battery vs 3 batteries?
    • It is the same time to charge, about 80-90 minutes. 


Input: 110-240V;
Output: 17.5V 12A; branch: 17.5V 4A;

Package includes:
1x Phantom 4 4-in-1 Charger (battery/controller in the picture is not included)

3x Battery Charging Cables (1 includes Remote Controller Charging Adapter)

1x Power Supply Cable

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