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UgCS Mapper

Versatile 2D map stitching software

Stitch multispectral and any other aerial images into one orthomosaic or create maps on the fly

UgCS Mapper is an affordable lightweight drone image and video processing software by SPH Engineering to create 2D maps and elevation models.

Main Benefits

Work offline in the field
UgCS Mapper is capable of working purely offline so that you can quickly stitch the map and validate the quality and density of survey data before leaving the survey area.

Stitch multispectral RGN JPEG
Upload multispectral 3- channel RGN JPEG images of the field into UgCS Mapper for stitching and generate NDVI indexes to assess crop health

Stitch on the fly
When default map sources are not available or obsolete, create up-to-date maps and elevation data on the fly. They are accurate enough for safe mission planning and guiding first response teams.

How it works

UgCS Mapper is extremely easy to use. Run processing and create a map and elevation in just three clicks.

  1. Acquire images/videoGeoreferenced JPEG (standard for DJI cameras) or video stream with UgCS ENTERPRISE
  2. Process with UgCS MapperCreate map and elevation Geotiff
  3. Use MapsExport to use with UgCS or other GIS software

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