How To Fly Your Drone Safely: A Practical Guide
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, also known as UAVs or drones, are the latest in automated flight technology. Originally developed for military use, these innovative pieces of technology are now available to the public, and have been used in a variety of industries including agriculture, law enforcement, and filmmaking. Drone flying is also quickly becoming a popular recreational activity, attracting thousands to fly their own personal UAVs and compete in drone racing competitions.

Flying a UAV can be an exciting pastime. If flown incorrectly, however, recreational drones can become a safety hazard in the air. Here is some more information about how to fly your drone safely recreationally from the UAV specialists at OmniView Tech.

Don’t Fly Higher Than 300 Feet

You may be tempted to see just how high your drone can go, but it’s recommended that you don’t fly your drone any higher than 300 feet (90m) above the ground. Above this height, you may not be able to see your drone clearly anymore and it may crash into other flying objects. Recreational drones aren’t usually designed to fly that high anyway, so you may end up damaging your UAV if you elevate it too much.

Avoid Crowded Places and Emergency Situations

As a general rule, stay at least 150m (500 feet) away from large groups of people when flying your drone. Parks, meadows and other open spaces are the best area in which to fly your UAV. There are also specially designed drone flying ranges in some cities. Avoid emergency situations such as law enforcement situations, or anything where your drone may interfere with an emergency response plan. There are also restricted and controlled airspace areas such as above wildfires, prisons, or military bases.

If you follow the right safety precautions, flying your UAV can be a fun and enjoyable activity. For more information about drone flight and safety, talk to one of our expert technicians. Browse our online catalogue of the latest and most innovative drones, gimbals and accessories to find out why OmniView Tech is the number one drone provider in Toronto and the surrounding area.

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