This B.C. First Nation Community is Changing the Way We Think About Recreational Drones

The recent regulations from Transport Canada about recreational drone use have changed the way UAVs can be flown in public spaces. Under the new regulations, recreational drone users must fly their vehicles far from controlled or restricted airspaces, forest fires, or first-responder emergency operation sites. Recreational drone users must also keep their UAVs at least 75 meters from any building, vehicle or person, and at least 9km from any airport or airstrip where aircraft take off or land.

These new regulations were implemented to keep recreational UAVs out of harm’s away, and from causing disruption to other aircrafts, vehicles, property and people. While these new rules may take some getting used to, there’s one First Nation community in British Columbia that’s offering a new way for recreational drone users to enjoy themselves safely and effectively.

Drone Territory, a new initiative based out of the Cortes Island’s Klahoose First Nation community and lead by Chief James Delorme, is a new program that seeks to give recreation drone users a place to fly their vehicles while improving the local tourist economy.

Delorme hopes that the new program will help bring tourism to the area, instead of governments relying on the area for natural resource extraction. This way, First Nation communities will be in control of their own economy instead of depending on outside natural resource companies for economic stability.

Not only is this new form of ecotourism projected to help the Klahoose First Nation community economically; it’s also predicted to get a new generation of indigenous youth excited about the drones and encourage them to become leaders in their community. The tech industry is one of the most rapidly expanding fields in British Columbia right now. By running UAV workshops, conventions, and other recreational drone related activities, Delorme hopes to give the young people of his community the skills and resources to thrive in the tech world. 

While these new regulations may change the landscape of recreational drone use in Canada, there is no shortage of place to take your UAV out for a spin. Browse our online catalogue for a complete selection of the newest and most innovative drones available on the market today, and contact us at OmniView Tech for more information about our UAV products and services.

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