Upgrade or sell your existing equipment

We are pleased to launch the industry's first consignment program for drones and handheld gimbals. *Unit must be a minimum value of $1000.00 to qualify for consignment.

What is consignment?
OmniView Tech acts as your agent in helping sell your unit at the price you choose. Our Certified Technicians complete a thorough inspection of all units to ensure the satisfaction of both buyers and sellers. We will also handle all logistics for payment and shipping which allows the sale of your equipment across North America. We collect a % of the sale and can either transfer payment via e-mail transfer, Paypal, or apply the amount towards the purchase of a new unit.  

Avoid the headaches and sketchy alleyway meet ups and get your unit sold with OVT Consignment.




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Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if my unit doesn't sell? 
We will either provide a recommendation to change your listed price, or you may take it back. 

Can I take back my unit any time? 
Absolutely! Just let us know if you want to pick this up in-store or have it shipped back to you. You are responsible for all shipping fees. If you choose to take back your unit within 60 days of listing, a cancellation fee of $50.00+HST will be charged due to the time our staff needs to spend in inspecting and certifying your unit, in addition to creating the product page. No fee is charged after 60 days

What is the consignment fee? 
25% of the sold price if you prefer a payout
20% of the sold price if you apply the amount towards a new unit.

If your unit is sold for $1000, our fee will be $250. $750 will be transferred to you via e-mail transfer or Paypal. We will cover the fees for shipping and credit card payment processing.

If you would like to purchase a new unit, $800 will be applied as a payment towards the purchase of a new unit. 

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