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Volatus Drones Maintenance Service is conducted by DJI Certified Technicians at our Volatus Drones repair facility in Canada.

Volatus Drones Maintenance Service offers three levels of service: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each level is tailored to the flight hours or time since activation of your drone.

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  Basic Standard Premium

Deep Clean

Parts Inspection

Updates & Calibration

Easily Worn Parts Replacement  
Core Components Replacement    


Service Includes

  • Basic and parts inspection
    • App Self-Check Inspection Visual Inspection
    • Propulsion System Inspection
    • Flight Controller and Image Transmission System Inspection
    • Obstacle Avoidance System Inspection
    • Gimbal Inspection
    • Remote Controller Inspection
  • Battery Inspection
    • Updates and calibration
    • IMU Calibration
    • Compass Calibration
    • Vision System Calibration
    • Gimbal Calibration
    • Remote Controller Firmware Update
    • Aircraft Firmware Update
    • RTK System Update (If applicable)


  • Deep cleaning
    Environments with sand, dust, and humidity are unavoidable when using your aircraft. Some parts will become worn, and metal parts may even corrode more quickly. We will clean your aircraft carefully to reduce the impact of sand and dust on the aircraft.


  • Replacement of easily worn parts (Standard and Premium Service Only)
    • Landing Gear Module
    • Landing Gear Mount
    • Propellers (will be switched to M350 Propellers)
    • Gimbal Rubber Damper


  • Replacement of core components (Premium Service Only)
    • Motors
    • Lower Fan
    • Upper Fan


  • Maintenance reports
    According to Transport Canada regulations (CARs 901.48), drone pilots must maintain records of any maintenance performed on their drones. These records should detail mandatory actions as well as any additional maintenance, modifications, or repairs carried out on the system.

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