Aerial Cinematography - 2 Day Course

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Applicable Industries:

Creative Media, Marketing, Photography, Film 

Cinematography is the most established and accessible drone industry vertical for professional pilots. This 2-day training module begins with the fundamental concepts and practical skills required for professional drone operations. It then builds to address knowledge requirements and practical skills specific to creative media, including best practices for aerial photo and film, standard operating procedures for general and on-set environments, and advanced piloting techniques.

At the end of this module, students will be able to…

  • Understand the fundamentals of digital cameras and sensors, including shutter types, focal length, exposure options, white balance, and focus.
  • Adjust sensitivity, gain, smoothness, and exponential curve adjustments within the flight controller settings
  • Apply concepts like sun angle, shadow effects, lens flare, bokeh, and night shots to practical drone operations
  • Capture cinematic footage, emphasizing drone positioning, maneuverability, and camera tracking.
  • Apply their technical knowledge to develop compelling narratives for their raw cinematic content.

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