LiDAR Training (2-Day Practical)

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LiDAR Training (2-Day Practical)

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This two day in-person seminar introduces students to the fundamentals of aerial LiDAR data acquisition and processing. Students will learn how LiDAR systems operate and how the point clouds that they produce can be used to extract valuable information about existing site conditions.

Students will gain hands-on experience using the DJI L1 LiDAR payload, learning best practices, procedures, and quality control strategies adaptable to all drone LiDAR missions and sensors. The seminar will cover the full aerial LiDAR data collection and processing workflow, introducing students to LiDAR mission planning, sensor calibration, flight operations, quality control, and data processing.

This seminar is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to produce high-quality, professional LiDAR projects adapted to a wide range of use cases.

Day 1

  • LiDAR Data Collection Procedures & Best Practices
  • The characteristics of LIDAR data
  • Understanding LIDAR Accuracy
  • Introduction to DJI Terra
  • How imagery is processed with DJI Terra

Day 2

  • Introduction to Classification and how it is performed
  • Understanding how to use LiDAR data to produce 3D models
  • Using Photogrammetry to colorize LIDAR 3D point clouds
  • Project Workflows & Other Software Options
  • Q&A and Graduation

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We offer a full unconditional refund of any course fee, providing it is requested more than 7 days from the commencement of the course. After this time a credit will be issued for use with any course, subject to availability.

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