Tactical Indoor UAS Training - 2 days

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 Tactical Indoor UAS Training - 2 days



Applicable Industries:

Public Safety, Fire and First Response


Prerequisites: FAA Part 107 certification


Course Description:

This course covers the techniques and best practices for the safe and successful operation of drones in tactical situations. A clearly defined tactical plan is critical for ensuring a safe outcome in high-risk, high-stress situations. UAS allows tactical teams to access and assess high-risk, high-stress situations, providing real-time communication and feedback without jeopardizing the safety of tactical personnel.

At the end of this module, students will be able to…

  • Conduct a pre-flight inspection of the drone and associated equipment
  • Establish a live video feed for command staff to enhance real-time decision-making capabilities
  • Assess potential drone entry points and determine the best entry point options for a range of different scenarios
  • Conduct a safe entry into the structure using a drone
  • Perform a sustained flight within a structure to search for suspects
  • Mitigate environmental considerations prior to and during the mission
  • Locate suspects with the drone and relay their location to the command post



The training facility for this course is located within the city limits of Fullerton, California, at 600 S. Raymond Ave.

Volatus Aerospace delivers this course in partnership with Rapid Tactical Response (RTR) at a one-of-a-kind facility that has been designed to immerse students in real-world type scenarios. All course instructors have extensive professional experience deploying UAS in tactical situations.

Note that students will be responsible for covering all travel and accommodation expenses related to their attendance of this course.

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