DJI Matrice 30 in Public Safety

Drones are used in many industries, especially in Public Safety. Any advantage a new drone can provide is worth the cost in life-saving situations. DJI’s new Matrice 30 Series drones are uniquely positioned for use in Public Safety. Let’s explore some of the features that make DJI Matrice 30 (M30) and Matrice 30T (M30T) great drones for emergencies. 

Compact and Portable 

With many large enterprise drones, operators need to spend large amounts of time packing, unpacking, and setting up. DJI M30 and M30T can help save operators time with their compact and foldable design. M30/M30T is so small; operators don’t need to waste energy figuring out how to transport the drone. It’s so tiny that it can be easily carried or placed in a car seat. The convenient transport of M30/M30T can translate into crucial time savings. The foldable design means M30/M30T is ready to fly in seconds. 

M30/M30T can fly into small spaces previously impossible to reach with an enterprise drone. M30/M30T is incredible for search and rescue (SAR) missions. The ability to fly in small spaces means response teams can monitor large areas with more detail. 

Large drones attract attention. This attention can be dangerous in extreme law enforcement situations. The compact and quiet operation of M30/M30T can help law enforcement monitor situations or track people without drawing large crowds or signalling unwanted attention. 

Some situations require multiple drones. M30/M30T is perfect for these situations because of how easy the drones are to transit. You can easily fit various M30/M30T units in the trunk of a car. With more traditional enterprise drones, you may struggle with squeezing just one unit into the trunk of a car. 

Fly in Harsh Environments 

Despite the compact size, M30/M30T can take a beating from the elements. It’s rated for IP55 protection. M30 can take on challenging weather and temperatures between -20° C~50° C. Historically, challenging weather like rain meant drone operations needed to be paused. In emergencies, an alternative measure would need to be used. This is no longer the case with drones like M30 and M30T. Even in the harshest conditions, you can continue your mission with drone operation. 

M30/M30T opens the possibility for missions in extreme climates. M30/M30T is built to keep up from freezing mountains to scorching hot plains. 

Robust Backup Systems 

The M30/M30T is designed for the most unpredictable scenarios. It has a backup for nearly every system you can think of: 

  • Flight Control Sensor Redundancy 
  • Control Signal Redundancy 
  • Dual Intelligent Batteries 
  • Dual Transmission Links 
  • Dual Remote Controller Redundancy 
  • Three-propeller Emergency Landing 
  • ADS-B Receiver 
  • Hot-Swap Batteries 

All these backups are made to ensure your missions can continue without pause. 

Thermal Imaging 

M30T houses a thermal imaging camera. This makes M30T the go-to drone for Rescue operations and fire protection/prevention. Thermal imaging is used in search and rescue operations because of its ability to spot people even in low-light situations. 

M30T and its thermal imaging camera can also be used to help in natural disasters. M30 can provide visuals for fires in real-time. This real-time information is necessary for officials to make split-second decisions. Using M30T ensures you have the most important data available from a safe, remotely operated distance. 

In fire fighting, you need a thermal imaging camera. Regular cameras do not perform well in hazy and smoggy environments. Thermal imaging cameras can see through the haze and give firefighters a clear picture of what’s happening. 

Zoom Camera 

DJI has a history of making drones with stellar zoom cameras. The M30/M30T is no exception with its: 

  • 48 MP ½” CMOS Sensor 
  • 5x – 16x Optical Zoom 
  • 200x Maximum Hybrid Zoom 
  • Video at 4K/30fps 

Zoom cameras are an absolute must in every public safety scenario. In dangerous firefighting situations, firefighters need to zoom in to check on personnel, locate missing items or people, identify small details and check on equipment. The safest way to see or capture small details is with high-resolution drones like the M30/M30T. In search and rescue, visibility is essential. Using zoom cameras, response teams can quickly gather the data needed. A high-resolution sensor allows you to see small details even when you crop into an image. 

DJI RC Plus 

M30/M30T uses the all-new DJI RC Plus controller. It was tailor-made for enterprise and professional use. In mission-critical situations, pilots can’t be messing around with unintuitive controls. Unintuitive and poorly designed controls can be a timewaster and dangerous for many missions. RC Plus uses physical controls that are precision placed in their optimal positions. Physical controls are used as the primary inputs because pilots need to build muscle memory for critical operations. Muscle memory allows pilots to operate with confidence and skill in even the most stressful situations. The controller is ergonomically designed, allowing for continuous use without tiring out your hands. Hot-swap batteries are included for constant operation. 


DJI M30/M30T is a great drone for public safety. All the features outlined in this article are crucial for saving lives with drone operations.

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