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Volatus AeriePort Drone Nesting Station - Remote Work Just Got Easier

The Volatus AeriePort Drone Nesting Station is a rugged and reliable docking station for BVLOS operations with optical detect and avoid and remote operational capability. It is built to withstand extreme temperatures to support 24/7 remote flight operations.


  • Data & Camera Feeds are Streamed to your Control Center
  • Autonomous Battery Replacement
  • Automated Self-Charging
  • Remote Mission Flight Planning
  • Climate Control & Weather Station
  • Designed to support Multiple UAS Platforms and Various Payloads
  • Robust Detect & Avoid Systems
  • Operating Temperatures -30C - +50C
  • Minimal Downtime, Rapid Charging
  • Flight Operation Radius up to 10km
  • Extensive Compatible Payloads for All Inspection, Surveying, Surveillance UAS Enabled Missions
  • IP Compliant
  • Independent Cybersecurity
  • Low Voltage & Electromagnetic Compliant
  • Local Data Mode Provides Simple & Effective Operator-Control Ensures Data Protection


Compatible Drones - Drone Agnostic

Endurance -  Weather Resistant

Connection -  SatCOM, 5G LTE

Temp Range - -55C - +50C

Battery - Drone Dependent

Power - 120V or Solar Option (off grid)

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