Autel Care Standard (1st year) for EVO MAX

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Autel Robotics Care · Standard

Autel Robotics provides consumers with quality assurance services that meet the requirements of regional laws and regulations. During the warranty period, our company provides free quality assurance for problems caused by product quality defects. Autel Robotics Care is mainly for damage that occurs accidentally under normal use.

Exclusive Benefits

Flyaway Protection
With Autel Robotics Care, if your aircraft flies away,gets disconnected, or goes missing, you will need to synchronize flight records in AUTEL SKY APP, confirm the flyaway with our Customer Service team, and pay the corresponding replacement cost to get brand new unit.
Water Damage Protection
Autel Robotics Care offers water damage protection, thus you can fly confidently near mountains, rivers, lakes and seas. The aircraft will be replaced if its damaged by water.
Faster Replacement
From the effective date of the Autel Robotics Care service, users could enjoy sometimes of lower-cost replacement service. It saves time for repairing; maintenance and flying test, and replaces the aircraft in the shortest time. During the warranty period, repair and replacement caused by product quality will not consume your replacement times.
Two-way Free Shipping
Autel Robotics Care provides you with free shipping and delivery services that are efficient and hassle-free.
*The two-way free shipping service is only available to customers in United States, Chinese mainland and European Union. Customers in other countries and regions need to pay one-way logistics and customs fees.
Effective service time - 1 year
Purchase conditions - Meet ONE of the following conditions

1. The new aircraft is not activated.

2. The aircraft is activated within 48 hours.

3. Pass the official functional evaluation in warranty period.

Replacement times - 2 times (including 1 time of flyaway protection)

Warranty Period of Aircraft - 1 year
Purchase rules - Only customer who ever purchased Autel Care Standard, can buy Autel Care Standard Plus.Customer who ever purchased Autel Care Standard (2 year) , cannot buy Autel Care Standard Plus.


Compatible Models

Consumer Products : NANO series, LITE series, EVO II, EVO II PRO

Enterprise ProductsEVO II Pro RTK , EVO II Pro Enterprise, EVO II Dual 640T, EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise , EVO II Dual 640T RTK , EVO Max 4T

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