CZI LP12 Searchlight and Broadcasting System


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LP12 Searchlight and Broadcasting System

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Designed for DJI Matrice 30, the LP12 Searchlight and Broadcasting system is perfect for use in:

  • Day and night patrol
  • Search and rescue
  • Law enforcement

CZI LP12 is a searchlight and broadcasting payload. It is the most efficient broadcasting payload CZI has made. It combines the imaging optics of the Gimbal Light Series, with the LRAD long distance broadcasting technology of the Mega Phone series. This single integrated payload has the functionality of two payloads. LP12 is easy to use with its quick mount and dismount design.

The LP12 is incredibly light, weighing only 270g. This lightweight payload features a streamline design that reduces wind resistance. It's easy to install and quick to deploy with DJI Matrice 30.

Effective even in large distances

Despite LP12's small size and weight, it can illuminate and broadcast from large distances. The effective sound distance is up to 200m at 74db. LP12 can illuminate targets that are 100m away. 



Electrical Interface
Weight/g 270g (without quick-release bracket)/280g (with quick-release bracket)
Dimensions/mm L162*W111*H75
Searchlight power/W Regular mode: 30w or Ultra bright mode/Flashing mode: 40w
Broadcasting power/W 15
Supply voltage/V 24
Luminous flux/lm 2000±3%
Searchlight FOV/° 13
Illumination distance/m 150 | 130 | 100 | 50
Spot diameter/m 34 | 29.6 | 22.8 | 11.4
Illuminated area/m² 917 | 688 | 407 | 102
Central illuminance/Lux 1.7 | 2.5 | 4.5 | 20
Gimbal Pitch -120° to 45°
Maximum sound pressure/dB 120
Effective broadcast distance/m 200m@74db or 350m@69db
Broadcasting Method

Live broadcasting

Upload the recording

Play audio file

TTS (supports multi-language)

Background sound

Audio formats mp3/wav/m4a/flac/aac
App support CZZN Pop-up Window/DJI Pilot
Operating temperature -15°C to +40°C

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