DJI Care Enterprise Plus Renew (M350 RTK)

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DJI Care Enterprise Renew extends the protection
for your DJI Enterprise products

With DJI Care Enterprise Renew protection plans, you can extend the DJI Care Enterprise service for your DJI Enterprise products. If you purchased DJI Care Enterprise Plus Renew, unlimited replacements or free repair services within the coverage amount will be offered for product damage to your product for one year. If you purchased DJI Care Enterprise Basic Renew, 1 low-price replacement will be offered if damage occurs to your product within one year, and the official warranty period of the product will be extended by 12 months.

Service Period:1 Year

Covered Area: the U.S., Canada, the UK, EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Serbia, Monaco, Australia, Japan,
South Korea, Mexico and Mainland China.

Service Content:

• Unlimited free repair and replacement services within the coverage amount
• Unlimited Sharing Coverage for Your Whole Fleet
• 2 Batteries replacement for free

*DJI Care Enterprise Plus Renew can be purchased when the product meets all of the following criteria:

•DJI Care Enterprise Plus has not expired

•At least 30% of the DJI Care Enterprise Plus coverage amount is left for the product.

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