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  • 20-Meter Subject Focusing, [1] 76,800 Ranging Points

    ‌LiDAR human-subject focus distance is approx. 3 times that of the previous generation. [2] The upgraded LiDAR boasts 76,800 ranging points, sharpening human-subject edge detection.

  • Built-in Camera, Enhanced AI Recognition Algorithms

    More reliable recognition of human subjects and vehicles can be achieved. Even if the subject is momentarily obscured, the LiDAR can quickly regain focus.

  • AMF Mode, Human-Machine Collaborative Focus Control

    ‌In AMF mode, cinematographers can both visually observe the focus status on the monitor and intuitively perceive the autofocus logic through tactile feedback.

  • FIZ Lens Control, Magnetic Damping Tactile Feedback

    The Focus Pro Hand Unit features real-time, stepless damping adjustment, and the Focus Pro Motor supports one-button linking with the Hand Unit. This allows focus pullers to effortlessly control lens FIZ.

  • LiDAR Waveform, Top-Down Focus Assistance View

    Cinematographers can access the LiDAR Waveform focus assistance [3] through the High-Bright Remote Monitor. In addition, LiDAR Waveform offers supplementary information.

  • Compatibility With DJI PRO Ecosystem

    DJI Focus Pro can work with Ronin stabilizers, DJI Transmission, Ronin 4D, Inspire 3, and more. This provides a robust AMF focusing solution for expanded scenarios.

In the Box

  • DJI Focus Pro LiDAR

    DJI Focus Pro LiDAR

    × 1

  • DJI Focus Pro Grip

    DJI Focus Pro Grip

    × 1

  • DJI Focus Pro Motor

    DJI Focus Pro Motor

    × 1

  • DJI Focus Pro Carrying Case

    DJI Focus Pro Carrying Case

    × 1

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