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DJI Modify is DJI's first intelligent 3D model editing software. It features a streamlined and intuitive interface that makes it simple to complete model editing efficiently. [1]Paired with a DJI Enterprise drone and DJI Terra, it forms a comprehensive solution from aerial surveying, modeling, and model editing to sharing these models easily to meet operational needs in surveying and mapping, firefighting, emergency response, and transportation.[2]

Seamless workflow: DJI Modify can work with DJI Terra in a seamless workflow. In a DJI Terra modeling project, you can launch DJI Modify with one click for model editing. This achieves an efficient workflow between DJI Terra and DJI Modify.[3]
Streamlined interaction: Without the need for complex settings, DJI Modify supports fast import and export of model files and batch editing of multiple models, significantly reducing the model editing workload.
Efficient model repair: DJI Modify supports various editing functions such as floating parts removal, surface flattening, texture repair, hole fill, and water surface repair, providing well-edited models at high efficiency.
Quick delivery: DJI Modify allows you to export model files in a variety of formats compatible with DJI Terra or third-party software, including ply, obj, and b3dm. Processed models can be quickly shared to the cloud.
Authorization modes[4]: Online authorization is supported.[5]

In a DJI Terra 3D modeling project, you can launch DJI Modify with one click for model editing for an efficient workflow and an end-to-end solution from modeling to model editing. In DJI Terra, enable the DJI Modify switch, and files for model editing will be automatically generated, including pre-identified objects and pre-processing of the model, so that you can complete model editing efficiently.

[1] Windows 10 or higher (64-bit) is required to run the software.
[2] Minimum computer configuration requirements: 32 GB memory, an NVIDIA graphics card with a compute capability of 6.1 or higher (4 GB graphic memory).
[3] DJI Modify can edit only 3D visible light models that are reconstructed by using DJI Terra v4.0.0 or later. To learn more about DJI Terra, click "Learn about DJI Terra" below.
[4] Only online licenses are available in DJI Store. Please ensure network connectivity when you use the software.
[5] No Upgrade and Maintenance Fee Per Year required.

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