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Ryze Tello

In the box: 

  • Tello Drone
  • Tello Battery
  • Tello Propeller Guards 

Unleash the power of the brand new Tello Drone, powered by DJI and built with easy flying capabilities. This drone allows you to feel the fun as you’re flying stunts, shooting quick videos with the EZ shot and exploring the land from above. The Tello is an excellent drone for kids and adults looking for a device that turns them into a flying machine without the complicated controls or high price tag.


Fly Your Tell Drone Anywhere, Anytime


The Tello App

Download the Tello app and follow the user-friendly steps to get started.

DJI Flight Tech

Designed with the industry-leading components of DJI Flight Tech, Tello ensures stable flights.

Controller Compatibility

Controlling your Tello has never been easier with the precise controls that allow you to enjoy the flight instead of fumbling with a complex controller – the key to an unforgettable experience.

VR Headset Compatibility

Pair your VR headset with the Tello and take your drone flying experience to new heights with a breathtaking first-person view.


The Specs of Seeing The World from the Sky

The Tello’s VR Headset compatibility is certainly a huge benefit to flying this easy and fun drone. Whether you’re at the park, in the office or hanging out at home, you can set your sights high and experience the world from entirely new and exciting perspectives. The Tello is equipped with two antennas to ensure exceptionally stable video transmission, along with a high-capacity battery results in impressively long flight times and plenty of times for you to enjoy the scenery.

  • Flight Time: 13 minutes
  • Image Transmission Distance: 100 meters
  • HD Transmission: 720p
  • Smart Switch: 2 Antennas


Awesome Acrobatics Available With a Tap on the Screen

The Tello isn’t just easy to fly; it’s exceptionally easy to use. With just a tap on the screen, you can perform acrobatic tricks effortlessly:

  • Throw and Go: Tap and toss your Tello into the air to start flying
  • 8D Flips: Slide this feature on the screen to perform awesome aerial stunts
  • Bounce Mode: Fly your Tello up and down by tapping on this feature

Capture Great Pictures and Videos, And Even Better Moments

You never know what you’ll find when you’re soaring new heights with the Trello and now, you can capture the moment with the high-quality image processor that allows the drone to capture great pictures and videos.  With nothing more than a couple of taps on screen, you can produce pro-level videos and share them across your social media feed right from your smartphone.

EZ Shots

Record coordinated short videos with the Circle, Up and Away, and 360 selections.

Electronic Image Stabilization

Let your captured moments be consistently clear with the electronic image stabilization infused into the design.

Intel Processor

Produce high-quality footage with professional processing yields.

5 MP Photos

Preserve the moments with high-resolution photos that are crisp and clear.


Tello’s Just as Safe to Fly as It is Easy to Use

To keep the Tello super safe, easy controllability was a must but that’s not the only feature added to ensure a reliable and enjoyable flight. The Tello drone is designed with lightweight materials that weigh in at no more than 80 grams. It’s also designed with a combination of software and hardware protection so you can fly with confidence.

Auto Takeoff/Landing

 Forget the complexities of taking off and landing your drone because the lift off or land is done with a simple tap on screen.

Low Battery Protection

Rest be assured – your drone won’t randomly run out of battery mid-flight. The automatic alerts will inform you when the battery gets low so you’ll always know when it’s time to recharge.

Failsafe Protection

No need to worry - your drone will always land safely, even if the connection is lost.

Vision Positioning System

Find your drone wherever it’s flying with the smart tech that offers precise hovering.


Turn Your Drone Experience into an Educational One

The Tello drone not only gets you and your family outside and enjoying the fresh air but it also provides an educational experience for children and teenagers interested in learning the basics of programming. Designed with Scratch, an MIT-developed coding system, flying a Tello makes learning fun. You can even develop your own software applications for your drone using the Tello SDK!


A simple, block-based visual programming that teaches the basics of coding.


Explore the amazing possibilities of software development through SDK

DIY Accessories

You can even create your own Tello accessories and customize your experience as you become more knowledgeable with the drone’s programming.



The Tello Drone is available in three different colours – white, blue or yellow, and offers a colorful experience that provides a fun and exciting way to see the world and learn. It’s an easy drone for kids and adults due to the one-tap features and the reliable technologies infused to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight for the entire family.


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