DRS-M300 - Parachute Solution for DJI M300

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DRS-M300 - Parachute Solution for DJI M300

This parachute recovery system mitigates the risk of harming people in case of drone malfunctions and at the same time brings the expensive equipment safely back to the ground. Drones have become essential helpers in many applications and more will follow in the future. The DRS is closing a critical safety gap to enable commercial drone operations that require the highest levels of protection.

  • Ultra-light system through intelligent engineering and advanced materials.
  • Automatic failure detection and parachute ejection.
  • Fully autonomous system - independent IMU and electronics with no external batteries needed.
  • Stops rotors on ejection.
  • No pyrotechnical components involved.
  • Parachute deployed by a weight-efficient patented catapult mechanism.
  • ASTM F3322-18 tested parachute solution for the DJI M300 Series.
  • Audible system status updates and warning signal after deployment.
  • Reusable within minutes
  • Bayonet lock for quick and easy attachment and detachment, whenever needed.
  • Qualified for SORA-Process and Part-107 Waiver.


Much time and effort went into the development of this parachute system to combine maximum reliability with high flexibility and user-friendliness. The result is a unique performance to weight ratio for more time in the air by taking up less of the drone’s payload capacity.

The unique mechanism is triggered within milliseconds after a problem is detected by the in-house developed electronics. For safety and reliability reasons, no pyrotechnical components, metal springs or gas cartridges are used.

The parachute is never stored under pressure, for quicker inflation and safe landings even at lower altitudes. After deployment it only takes minutes to ready the system again, by either repacking or using a spare parachute, with no expendable materials that need to be replaced.

Convincing benefits:

DESIGNED FOR DJI M300 - Suitable for MTOW up to 9,7 kg
INTELLIGENT ELEKTRONICS - Independent and reliable detection of system failure.
LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - Total system weight of 490 g
COMPACT - Measurements: 160 x 75 mm
BRIGHT LEDs - BRIGHT LED-Indicator for visual confirmation of the system’s current status.
QUICK RECOVERY - Fully operational again within minutes after deployment.
ADVANCED PARACHUTE - Specialized design and material for high reliability and minimum weight
LOW ALTITUDE DEPLOYMENT - Full bloom in only 9 to 14 m, depending on take-off weight.
SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Detailed DIY installation guide
EASY TRANSPORTATION - No dangerous good classification that would restrict air travel.


1 x DRS-M300 System
1 x Parachute for DJI M300

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