CZI GL300 High Power Gimbal Spotlight for Matrice 300


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GL300 High Power Gimbal Spotlight is designed for use with DJI Matrice 300. It is supported by a tethering power system. Using the GL300 together with a hovering DJI Matrice 300 at a fixed point, provides ultra-long lasting and stable lighting illumination. Power up to 300W, luminous flux exceeds 20,000 lumens. The GL300 uses optical lens groups, from 45 degrees to project a clear and super bright beam. GL300's powerful lighting meets the needs of many emergency lighting situations.

Equipped with a three-axis gimbal, irradiation angle adjustment, GL300 is flexible. It can project intensity lighting to a target's location, while maintaining a safe distance from crowds.

GL300 includes a quick release interface and can be adapted to all kinds of industry UAVs. It can directly take power from the UAV to meet short time light illumination for emergency search and rescue needs. With its portable fit size, strong light flash mode, it meets rapid field deployment for emergency search and rescue, law enforcement, firefight, power grid using for night operations.


Size: 190*128*165mm
Weight: 1100g
Total Power: 300W
Supply Voltage: 48V
Luminous: 30000±3%
FOV: 45°

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