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    The BLUEPRINT OCULUS sonar kit is a set of connecting parts designed for mounting the Oculus Multibeam Sonar on the CHASING ROVs. Imaging sonar generates high-quality images by propagating and reflecting sound waves across a wide range waters, quickly identifying targets, scanning underwater terrain, and so on.

    Quickly Identify Targets in Muddy Water

    Free of impact of water quality, imaging sonar can identify underwater targets and scan underwater terrain quickly with real-time transmission to APP or computer.

    Double Mounting Base Design

    The BLUEPRINT OCULUS sonar kit is designed with two mounting bases, a flat angle and a 30° angle mounting base, to ensure that the imaging sonar can be used normally when other accessories are mounted in the front of it.

    Image Sonar Combination Solution

    Oculus multibeam sonar (optional model OCULUS-M370S, OCULUS-M750D or OCULUS-M1200D purchased by yourself) + sonar kit + docking station (The M2 PRO MAX model does not require the docking station).


    What’s in the Box

    • Image sonar mount holder ×1

    • Image sonar mount holder (oblique 30°)×1

    • Buoyancy materials×1

    • 7-Core double-headed connection cable×1

    • M6×15 thumb screw×4

    • M3×8 screw×10

    • M4×6 screw×10

    • Document package×1


    • Sonar Kit

      • Size

        • 125 × 122 × 122 mm
      • Weight

        • 980 g (in air), 360 g (in water)
      • Max Diving Depth

        • 300 m
      • Integrated Transducer

        • Temperature and pressure sensors for calculating the sound speed
      • Structure

        • Anodized aluminum, or titanium
      • Working Temperature

        • -10 °C - 45 °C
      • Main Cabin Working Depth

        • 1 - 1.5 m

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