SafeAir M30 Pro Drone Parachute for DJI M30/M30T


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ParaZero offers a smart and intuitive solution to address the industry's safety challenges by designing the best-in-class autonomous drone safety system to secure the drone and payload.

ParaZero's drone safety system is an end to end solution that is designed for DJI’s M30 Pro.

The SafeAir M30 Pro independently monitors key flight parameters of the drone’s avionic systems. The drone flight profile is collected and monitored for anomalies. When critical failures are identified, the flight termination system cuts power to the rotors and a set of actions is triggered:

  • Audio buzzer is activated to warn bystanders to move out of harm’s way
  • The patented parachute deployment mechanism opens the parachute to full canopy in a fraction of a second, controlling the descent
  • The drone is brought safely to the ground, minimizing the impact energy


Product Benefits

  • Autonomous Triggering - The SafeAir system identifies loss of control and autonomously triggers parachute deployment
  • Low Altitude Capabilities - The combination of autonomous triggering capabilities along with SafeAir’s ballistic parachute enables safe emergency recovery, even at very low altitudes
  • Manual Deployment Capability - Manual parachute deployment capability via remote control
  • Flight Termination System (FTS) - The FTS system shuts down the rotor power, prevents parachute entanglement, and mitigates the risk of laceration injuries
  • Black Box - Collected data is stored and can be used for post incident analysis


Product Specs

  • Total weight: 215 grams
  • Minimum safe effective altitude: 25 meters AGL
  • Average descent rate: 4.8 m/s
  • Operating temperature range: -10C to +50C


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