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OPTION 1: Ultrasonic Wind Speed & Direction Sensing Module

Real-time Aerial meteorology monitoring

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction

Typical applications

With the most lightweight and all-in-one meteorological sensor, our Sniffer4D V2 ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensing module can be easily installed on DJI M300 RTK/M210 RTK and monitor the meteorological parameters (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, and wind direction) in real-time. Integrated with Sniffer4D V2, the system can precisely acquire the meteorological information by calculating the back-and-firth time difference of the ultrasonic waves in 3D dimension.

Our Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction Sensing Module allows the Sniffer4D to simultaneously monitor the target gases and the meteorological parameter in applications like Ambient Air Monitoring, Meteorological Monitoring, HAZMAT Response, providing intuitive and insightful information for decision-makers.

  • Pollution Diffusion Research
  • Forest Fire Rescue
  • Environment & Climate Change Research
  • Wind Energy Evaluation

Real-time Data Transmission

Sniffer4D V2 supports transmitting real-time data from our ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensing module. After being processed by our proprietary algorithms, the meteorological parameters will be shown in DJI pilot app and Sniffer4D mapper. In this case, the system is rather user-friendly since our data provides real-time references and does not require post-processing work. Meanwhile, all the data will be automatically stored in Sniffer4D V2's onboard SD card for after-mission analysis.

Built-in Motion Compensation Algorithms

Sniffer4D V2 ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensing module support 3-axis wind speed measurement. Its built-in algorithms for translational motion compensation, attitude compensation, and rotational motion compensation allow real-time speed and direction outputting for the northeaster, achieving accurate meteorological measurements while the drone is in motion.

Seemless Integration with DJI M300 RTK/ M210 RTK

Sniffer 4D V2 Ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensing module itself is lightweight with no moving parts, the system has no limitations on start-up wind speed and does not require any adjustments. Besides, it supports seamless integration with DJI M300 RTK /M210 RTK, plug and play using an XT30 cable or a type-C cable, greatly reducing the preparation time before flights.

OPTION 2: Gas Sampling Module

Start or stop gas sampling via DJI Pilot App or Sniffer4D Mapper. Adaptive to gas sampling bags with different capacities.

Automatically stop when the bag is full. Easy integration with DJI M300RTK & DJI M210/M210RTK. Plug & play.

OPTION 3: TDLAS-based High-resolution (1ppm) CH4 Sensing Module

The TDLAS Methane sensing module supports integration on drones, ground vehicles and other moving platforms, achieving quantitative methane detection on 1ppm resolution. Besides conforming to GBT33672-2017, the TDLAS Methane sensing module delivers the best resolution and minimum detection limit in its class in terms of the size and weight. Meanwhile, advanced real-time data visualization and analytical software provide intuitive and insightful information for decision-makers.

1ppm Ultra-high Detection Resolution

The state-of-the-art TDLAS Methane sensing module delivers the best resolution and minimum detection limit in its class in terms of the size and weight.

Conforming to USEPA Method 21 (M21)

Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) detection method and contact-based detection.

Sensitive to Methane (CH4) Only

The state-of-the-art TDLAS detection method offers exceptional gas selectivity, making the system on sensitive to methane (CH4).

Integration of Multiple Platforms

Plug and play, allowing easy integration on drones, ground vehicles and other moving platforms.

Advanced real-time data visualization

sniffer4D mapper analytical software supports both real-time and historical data analysis.

Response to Methane within seconds

The state-of-the-art TDLAS methane system responses to methane within seconds, maximizing the operational efficiency.

Drone-mounted High-res TDLAS Methane Sensing Module

Ultra lightweight

With a total weight of 250g, the TDLAS methane sensing module maximizes the flight time of the aircraft.

1ppm Ultra-high Detection Resolution

Specifically designed for DJI M300 RTK or other drones, the TDLAS methane sensing module can perform methane detection at a resolution of 1-1.5ppm.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration with DJI M300 RTK, supporting real-time data viewing and device control via DJI Pilot and Cloud ends.


State-of-the-art Tunable Diode Laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) detection method

  • the state-of-the-art TDLAS detection method offers exceptional gas selectivity, making the module only sensitive to methane (CH4)
  • Shortened response time to only a few seconds
  • 1ppm ultra-high detection resolution and minimum detection limit thanks to its high signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Auto calibration at every startup

*As one of the emerging high-res spectroscopy-based detection methods, the TDLAS-based detection method has been widely applied in micro quantity and substance analysis.

Two ways for taking air samples

Smart Real-time Visualized methane monitoring

Advanced real-time data visualization

Sniffer4D mapper analytical software displays real-time data including methane concentration, longitude and altitude, mission time, temperature, humidity, etc.

Unlimited data transmission

The TDLAS methane sensing module requires integration with Sniffer4D V2 base unit to get started, achieving unlimited data transmission range via Sniffer4D V2's built-in 4G.

One-click report generation

one click to generate a mission report including key results, or a CSV file containing all the raw data, making work reporting easy like never before.

3 Types of gas concentration distribution maps

Sniffer4D Mapper analytical software supports displaying 2D grid map, 2D isoline map and 3D point map in real-time, providing intuitive and insightful information for methane source location and concentration distribution mapping.

Real-time Warning

The front and rear warning lights of the Sniffer4D V2 have large visible angle. The color automatically changes according to the methane concentration, notifying on-site personnel about the risks in real-time.

Typical Applications

  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Carbon Emission Monitoring
  • HAZMAT Response
  • Landfill Inspection

OPTION 4: Nuclear Radiation Sensing Module

Detection method: Energy Compensation-based Geiger-Müller Counter;

• Range: 0.1μSv/h~8.3mSv/h;

• Theoretical resolution: 0.01μSv/h;

• Single accumulation range: 0.01μSv~16000μSv;

• Sensitivity: 1.2μGy/h (60Co radiation source);

• Size: 140x120x40mm;

• Weight: 86.7g (net weight, bracket not included);

• Installation: Mounted underneath the drone cabin. Connect to Sniffer4D V2 through"Ext. Istm." port and USB Type-C cable for both power supply and data transmission.

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