DJI Agras T20 Battery Charger

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DJI Agras T16/T20 Intelligent Battery Charger

  • Power: 2600 Watts
  • Charge 4 Batteries Simultaneously

Up to four batteries can be charged simultaneously. When using the single-channel quick charging mode, a full charge only takes 20 minutes. The charger has a built-in battery health management system that monitors critical data in real time, such as voltage and temperature, to ensure charging safety.

We suggest 2 chargers per Agras T16 aircraft for all day operation without overheating or stressing the charger.

DJI Agras T16/20 Intelligent Charger:

 Compatible Battery T16/20 Batteries, MG-12000P Batteries
Rated Input Voltage/ Frequency 110 - 220 V/ 50-60 HZ
Charing Voltage T16/T20: 58.8 V; MG-12000P: 50.4 V
Rated Current 220 V: 2600 W; 110 V: 1200W
Operation Temperature Range -5C to 50C
Dimensions Approx 314x303x220mm
Weight Approx 9,14kg

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