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UgCS Enterprise Perpetual 

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LiDAR Toolset Overview: 

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is gaining popularity with professional drone surveyors. However, to get accurate LIDAR scan results, a pilot needs to follow a few rules:

  • Initialize IMU properly
  • Maintain correct flight height and line spacing between scans to ensure coverage and point density
  • Ensure the right drone turns and line scanning to minimize IMU error accumulation and excessive shaking of LIDAR above the area of interest

Making everything right is impossible in a manual flight mode and extremely hard with flight planning tools tailored for photogrammetry surveys. UgCS LIDAR toolset by SPH Engineering unlocks the full potential of LIDARs making remote sensing most effective with no human errors:

  • IMU initialization patterns as drone commands:
    • Eight figure
    • U-figure
  • Flight patterns for route planning:
    • LIDAR Area
    • LIDAR Corridor
  • The preset drone turns:
    • Bank turns
    • Loop turns
  • AGL (above ground level) and AMSL (above mean sea level) line spacing



    • Matrice 600/600 Pro
    • Matrice 300
    • Matrice 200/210/210RTK
    • Matrice 100
    • Inspire 2
    • Inspire 1/1 Pro/Raw
    • Phantom 4 RTK (SDK RC only)
    • Phantom 4/4 Pro (excluding Agro)
    • Phantom 3
    • Mavic Pro/2 series
    • Spark
    • A3/N3
    • ANAFI
    MAVLink compatible multirotors, fixed wings and VTOLs
    • Ardupilot
    • Px4
    • and other

    • EVO II (mission export for Autel Explorer)



    • Micropilot


    Operating system:

    Windows 7 with SP1 or later; Windows 8; Windows 10 / 64-bit

    Mac OS X Maverick 10.9 or later / 64-bit

    Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS / 64-bit


    Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 at 2.4 GHz


    Recommended RAM: 4GB or more

    Graphics hardware

    Graphics card with DirectX 9 support (shader model 2.0). Any card made since 2004 should work

    Hard drive

    2 GB of free space

    Minimum supported screen resolution: 1024x768


    • Waypoints, Linear, Circle, Perimeter, Area Scan tools

    • Automatic Photogrammetry, Vertical (Facade) scan, Corridor mapping, SAR tools

    • Immersive 3D mission planning environment

    • KML/CSV data import

    • DEM import

    • Lidar Toolset
    • Elevation profile & Terrain following mode

    • Geo-referenced image import

    • Custom map overlays

    • ADS-B Receiver

    • Video Transmitting

    • Compatible with UgCS Mapper to process images and create map overlays.

    • Live video stream from UgCS for DJI to UgCS

    • (currently compatible only with Win & Android)

    • Multiple SDK connections

    • ADS-B Transponder

    • Compatible with UgCS Mapper to perform live video mapping.


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