How Drones are Influencing the Way We Do Business

There are infinite applications to explore when it comes to the potential of what drones (UAVs) can do. While it’s well known that they have expansive commercial applications, from agriculture to filmmaking, the potential for private industries is starting to crop up. In Canada, the federal government has granted numerous exemptions for companies, researchers, and individuals who want to fly drones as long as they meet Transport Canada’s requirements. Their use in the private industry is beginning to influence key sectors of business that we’ll begin take a closer look at.


Drones are being used to collect information about infrastructure and are influencing urban planning, urban design and private development projects. Since they can be used to survey roads and bridges for cargo logistics, this is beneficial to construction workers and engineers too. The use of UAVs helps to increase the accuracy of construction and engineering projects.

What’s the result? Faster and more productive construction work along with safer practices. According to Investopedia, engineering firms will begin to use drones for digital elevation modeling, three-dimensional contour generations and thermographic imaging in order to reduce the amount of equipment necessary for building projects.

Real Estate Companies

Real estate companies are using drones for the purpose of aerial video photography. Instead of investing large sums into video production, they are investing in drones in order to continually capture high quality imaging that they can use for marketing materials, such as the ones in the Phantom 4 Pro collection. These drones are affordable and a smart long-term investment for the future.

Delivery Services

Ever since online retail company Amazon began exploring the idea of using drones to deliver goods in areas within 30-minutes, drone delivery service ideas have sparked across a number of sectors. The pharmaceutical industry and even the food industry are looking into the potential uses of drones. Imagine having a pizza delivered to you by a drone… well we’re not that far away from that. In fact, Google is set to make that happen with Domino’s Pizza for a $6 fee. Yes, that’s right… and Chipotle and Whole Foods and a handful of other restaurants retail companies food retailers have also begun testing drone deliveries too!

Other sectors that will continue to being influenced by drones include the media and entertainment industry, the Internet with solar-powered drones (purchased by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg), agriculture, energy and more. It’ll be interesting to see what unravels this year and how drones will continue impacting the way we do business.

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