How to Protect Your Drone From Damage

Recreational drones represent some of the newest and most innovative pilotless flying technology available on the market today. However, that doesn’t mean that drones are completely immune from getting damaged while in the sky. Drones can knock into obstacles in the air, scratching and denting their various parts and causing damage to the drone’s internal mechanism. Here are a few things you can do to protect your drone from harm, and what to do if your drone has been damaged.

Use Propeller Guards

The propellers on our drone move at very high speeds. If they come into contact with an obstacle such as a building or support beam while spinning, it could cause serious damage to the propeller blade. The propellers can also break if they crash into an obstacle with enough force. If your propeller blades are in bad condition, your drone won’t be able to fly with precision (and your drone won’t be able to fly at all if one of your propeller blades is broken). The best way to keep your propeller in good condition is to use propeller guards. Propeller guards are placed around your propeller blades, keeping them protected as your drone flies. View our parts and accessories catalogue to find the right propeller guards for your drone model.

Visit Our Repair Centre

At OmniView Tech, we believe in a commitment to quality. That’s why we have our repair centre, where you can bring in any broken or damaged drone and have our expert technicians fix it for you as quickly as possible - often in as little as 24 to 48 hours. At OmniView Tech, we have over 18 years of experience in robotics, so you can depend on our trusted technicians to identify and fix any technical or mechanical issue you may have with your drone. We are known as one of the best drone repair centres in the country. We are so confident in our abilities that if we can’t fix your issue, you don’t have to pay. It’s our way of showing our customers how committed we are to high quality drones. For more information about drones and drone protection, contact us today at OmniView Tech.

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