Why Gimbals are Essential in Every Video Production

In a previous blog post, we discussed gimbals, the latest in video and camera stabilization technology. Gimbals are no longer just exciting new pieces of equipment—they have become a staple piece of technology on film sets and studio lots around the globe. Gimbals are unmatched in their precision and quality, making them the most sought-after piece of equipment in the film industry. Here are just a few of the reasons why gimbals have become essential for any video production.

Free Motion

Before gimbals, videographers relied on Steadicams or similar technology for reliably clear and stable shots. These devices worked well but didn’t allow the range of motion necessary to capture all kind of footage. Gimbals combine the focus and accuracy of Steadicams with new lightweight and compact technology, making it easier to get close-up and in-depth footage without sacrificing a smooth shot. The increased range of motion that gimbals allow have made them an invaluable tool within the film industry.

Wide Variety

Getting all the shots you need from all the right angles can be a time consuming process. In the past, videographers would have to use multiple cameras and coordinate all of their footage to get the shots they wanted. This process involved using a lot of different camera movement tools to tilt various cameras at precise angles. Because gimbals place cameras on a rotating axis, you can get panoramic shots from a single camera without the use of any additional cameras, tools or devices. This innovative technology can save you money on purchasing multiple accessories, and also save you time on setting up elaborate multi-camera shots. With the all-in-one ability of the gimbal, you can professional quality camera footage without all the hassle.

As gimbals continue to increase in popularity, their presence is likely to become more and more common around film sets worldwide. Fortunately, gimbals aren’t exclusively for Hollywood directors—this innovative technology is available for use within your own home. Browse our selection of handheld gimbals for the latest and most affordable models, and contact us at OmnviView Tech to purchase yours today.

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