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Emesent Hovermap

Autonomous and versatile, the slam-based mapper making data capture fast and simple 

hovermapHovermap is a LiDAR mapping drone payload that can be mounted to a drone. The payload is lightweight and small, but more than strong  enough for industrial environments. Hovermap's unique design allows it to be used vehicle-mounted, backpack-mounted, or even handheld for walking. Hovermap features a quick-release mechanism that makes switching between drone flights to walking scenarios easy. 

Collision avoidance

Hovermap acts as a virtual safety bubble around the drone to prevent collisions. LiDAR data is processed onboard in real-time to produce a local 3D map of the surroundings. Obstacles such as telecom towers, fences, trees, poles, wires and people can all be detected and avoided.

GPS-denied flight

Drones usually rely on GPS for localization, navigation and flight control. Hovermap uses LiDAR data and advanced algorithms onboard in real-time to provide reliable and accurate localization and navigation without the need for GPS. This allows drones to fly autonomously in GPS-denied environments, enabling a host of new applications such as flying and mapping in underground mines, inside warehouses or inspecting underneath bridges.

SLAM based 3D mapping

Hovermap uses Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms enabling mobile mapping and autonomous drone flight even when GPS is unavailable. Using Emesent’s proprietary calibration and drone autonomy algorithms, it is built on CSIRO’s Wildcat SLAM Solution.


hovermap Hovermap Hovermap

Level 0
Mapping Mode

Level 1
Pilot Assist Mode

Level 2
Autonomous Waypoints

  • Provides SLAM-based mobile mapping
  • Carry Hovermap or mount it to a drone or vehicle
  • Use with our backpack, cage or vehicle mount accessories
  • LiDAR-based omnidirectional collision avoidance
  • GPS-denied position hold and velocity control
  • Enables safe line-of-sight flight indoors, underground or close to structures
  • Includes all AL0 features
    • Enables beyond line-of-sight autonomous flight in GPS-denied environments
    • Live 3D map streamed to tablet
    • Tap-to-Fly: set smart waypoints using the live map
    • Includes all AL1 features

    Key Features

    • Rapid Scanning
    • Collision Avoidance
    • GPS-Denied Flight
    • Slam-based 3D Mapping

    Mapping Specifications

    LiDAR range Up to 100
    LiDAR accuracy +/- 3cm
    Global SLAM accuracy +/1 0.1% typical
    Angular field of view

    360° x 360°

    Data acquisition speed

    300,000 points/sec

     File size


    Flight speed

    Up to 5m/s (scene dependent)

    Laser safety class

    Class 1 eye safe


    Max. 90 W

    Input voltage

    12 – 50 V (e.g. 4s LiPo)

    Weight 1.8 kg

    Autonomy Specifications

    Flight Modes

    Manual Pilot Assist

    Autopilot Compatibility

    DJI A3

    Collision Avoidance field of view

    360° x 360°

    GPS-denied flight


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